Here are many tips about the decorative details of colors, which are the most crucial part of home decoration.

There are several important points to consider when decorating. The first is to decide how to combine your usage habits with your taste when starting to decorate Secondly, you need to determine what kind of environment you want to create, taking your interests and hobbies into account Finally, the color and style to be applied should be created by taking the architectural feature of the room and the lighting into account You should also choose furniture, accessories, and similar items minding these details. With a few small ideas to choose the right colors while decorating your home, you can create unique rooms and ensure the color harmony of the environment. It will be good for you to have knowledge about how to use colors in every area you will decorate such as bedroom, living room, kitchen, study room, and children's room.

Decoration Suggestions

Ideal Color Distribution

The color balance formula known as 60-30-10 is used when choosing furniture, accessories and background colors. According to this formula, 3 colors are determined to be used in the room. 2 of these colors should be similar and the other should be a contrasting color. You can have a balanced and eye-friendly room by using the light color on the walls (60%), the dark color on the floors (30%) and the contrasting color on the accessories (10%). Harmonic colors can be used in making combinations of 2 dark and 1 light or 1 dark and 2 light tones.

Using Patterns and Colors Together

You can organize your rooms by picturing the nature. You can think of dark earth colors on the floor, the intermediate tones of trees and plants on the furniture and walls, and the light and bright colors of the sky on the ceiling. If the color scale of your rooms goes from dark to light, it means that a successful color balance has been achieved.

Suggestion for Using Same Shades in One Room

If you use different shades of the same color in your decoration, you will need a strong color to jazz up the decor. You can create a modern look by using a vivid colored accessory that contrasts with the harmonic color you use.

Soft Decoration

The symphony of a color trio or harmonic colors with non-vivid shades provides a soft decor. You can use this soothing and calm color style in the bedroom, study and children's room. In addition, this color style is frequently used as the main element in vintage and avant-garde styles.

Use of White Background

The definition of the background in decoration, is the basic color of the walls, floors, ceilings, and sometimes the furniture. If the ceiling, wall or floor of your room is white, the decoration will come to life on a white background. Having a white background in decoration gives a great advantage. Its application is practical and easy. It goes with every color. It helps to capture a bright and spacious atmosphere. It is also very popular because it goes with every style. It can be said that the most practical form of simplicity and elegance is found in rooms with white backgrounds.

Adding Colors and Lighting

A room with an extremely elegant atmosphere can be achieved by using bright lights as well as dark tones. You can achieve a dazzling and attractive room by using bright lights to eliminate the darkness that is created by the dark walls.

Light Walls and Dark Moldings

The most effective way to create a bright and spacious room is to use light colors in the largest area. In other words, you can choose light colors to paint your walls and dark colors to paint the wooden moldings. We recommend using this combination when you want to create a neutral color palette. Using dark colors on skirting boards and moldings will make your walls look bright while creating a modern and aesthetic look.

Using the Same Color for Walls and Moldings

Painting the walls, moldings, and skirting boards the same color is a very popular approach in modern styles, exhibiting a powerful and clean look. It makes your room look wider by creating a cozy effect because there are no sharp lines as there is no color difference.

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