Choosing light colors on the stairs provide natural light.

A bright effect in study rooms

Smart furniture

Prefer using functional furniture. Kitchen tables with drawers and sofa beds that can be used as both beds and sofas are functional solutions.

Lighting points in the house

If you prefer floor and wall lamps for home lighting, your eyes will be less tired and the room will look nicer.

Divide your rooms

You can divide your rooms with shelf units and bookcases that have open sides.

Create a spacious look with mirrors

You can add depth to the room with the mirrors you will hang in the rooms.

Flower effect in your home

The flowers provide a spacious appearance, provided that they are not over used.

The furniture-carpet balance

If you are going to use a carpet, make sure that the carpet is not smaller than your furniture.

Minimalist ideas for tiny homes

Eviniz 80 m2 den küçükse az eşya ile akılcı çözümlerle evinizi daha büyük gösterebilirsiniz.

Light colors for spacious rooms

In order to make your house look bigger than it is, you can create more spacious spaces by using light colors in places that do not get enough lighting.

Get inspired by practical ideas

With the best ideas and the most accurate placement, it is possible to use your home in the most effective way and make it beautiful both functionally and visually.

Vibrant colors on the floor

Using vibrant colors on the flooring will make your room look wider than it is.

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