Your plants are more alive than ever!

Show off your plants more vividly with the brilliant pink!

Bodrum breeze is in your villa!

Bodrum breeze is in your villa!


You can enhance the sense of freedom of stepping outside with the details in your decoration.

Tables of the sun

Choosing outdoor furniture that is resistant to sun and water prolongs the life of your dining tables.


To awaken the creativity within you, choose decorations that create a sense of freedom in the outdoor spaces.

From botany to geography

While decorating, achieve a natural look with the inspiration you get from the climates and vegetation of different geographies.

The green miracle

You can achieve a more natural look by making room for green details in your outdoor spaces.

Enjoy being outdoors in all seasons

Today, with the removal of the border between indoor and outdoor spaces, comfort is at the forefront when it comes to choosing furniture for balconies and terraces.

Optimal solutions for small spaces

Add a little park vibe to your balcony with space-saving furniture, flowers in pots and a new wall color.

Functional furniture

When choosing furniture for outdoors, make sure the options you choose are functional in addition to looking natural.

Lift boundaries with the rustic style

Choosing a bohemian and rustic decor made of natural materials in the outdoor spaces creates a socializing area where the comfort of the interior is mirrored outside.

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