Greet your guests in a warm and welcoming atmosphere when they walk through your door. One of the safest ways to create this atmosphere is to use shades of white or beige to paint your doors and choose a tone that will allow a smooth transition to other rooms for your walls.


Kitchens are often left dull. However, it is possible to create a lively and cheerful atmosphere in this are, which is the center of the house. Strong color blocks emphasize the sharp lines of a contemporary kitchen, giving it a modern look at the same time. The kitchen is not a place to relax. For this reason, in the search of more lively shades, warm colors can be preferred in the color chart. Eggshell, vivid shades of green such as lemon green, and light shades of orange such as salmon color or rose pink can be used. These colors evoke feelings of being alert and ready, and support creativity. Details such as towels, plate sets, tablecloths used in the kitchen are an opportunity to contrast the basic color used.


Our bathrooms are usually small spaces, they are not spacious. For this reason, we recommend light and semi-medium shades that will make these spaces look large and spacious. White, cream and off-white are the most suitable colors for bathrooms, because they are associated with cleanliness and health. You can also use very light shades of ice white, turquoise, blue-green colors in your bathroom. These colors represent naturalness and purity, they are associated with the clarity, energy and freshness of water. By using contrasting colors on details such as bathroom rugs, laundry baskets and towels also help you to color up your bathroom.


If you want to make a strong statement in your bedroom, you can accommodate dark and bold tones. The vivid colors you use on your walls can create a calm and friendly atmosphere and wrap your bedroom like a warm blanket. In this sense, you can prefer paper bag and dark brown colors. If you feel uneasy about using dark shades, imagine your room with your furniture before making a decision. You can have white plasterboards, use light-colored accessories and furniture, so you can create a modern atmosphere in your bedroom. Another suggestion for bedrooms is dark blue tones. They prepare the ground for a good sleep.

Children’s Room

If you want to raise your children as individuals open to development and learning, you can paint a wall in your children's room with patterns and vivid colors. Because a creative environment encourages creative children. When choosing colors in children's rooms, your child's age, learning desire and personality should be taken into consideration. For example, it has been observed that children tend to be calmer in rooms painted light blue. Shades of yellow help increase motivation and concentration. Bright yellow strengthens the memory. Green is a color that both reduces anxiety and supports academical success.  

Living Room

Even if your guests get their first impression of your home in your hallway, they will discover your style and favorite colors in your living room where they spend more time. You can prepare a lively and active or calm and soft color scheme in your living room. You can use bold colors, create a traditional atmosphere or create a garden-like setting with floral and striped patterns. Shades of beige, gray and brick color are among the ideal colors for living rooms.  

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