Modern Style

If you like trendy and up-to-date decorative items, probably you are a modern style fan.Although modern interiors are perceived as cold and minimalist, they do not allow a cluttered and dark structure, creating a comfortable and inviting environment.It is generally a suitable style for offices, shops, lofts and homes.Furniture usually has straight, clean and geometric lines.Tiles include black, white and neutral tones.Cotton, linen, silk and wool fabrics are preferred.Carpets with natural wood or geometric motifs are used on the floor.Walls are adorned with white or neutral colors.These colors can be accompanied by bright or bold dark colors.

Traditional Style

The traditional style is calm, neat and classic.It does not have a complex or exaggerated appearance.It appeals to all ages.It looks like the decor you see in magazines or furniture stores.Furniture may strike as classic and outdated.However, all accessories and decoration items are in harmony with each other. It has a functional and relaxing character.Fabrics are generally neither bright nor multi-patterned.Floral, gingham, striped and geometric patterns are frequently used.While mostly medium tones are used on the walls, very dark or light colors are also preferred.The traditional style does not include contrasting color combinations.

Country Style

Rustic, tumbled and inviting are the hallmarks of country style.It comes to life in interior spaces with its warm appearance.Natural materials are indispensable.Furniture is always hand carved and raw wood.Large rectangular or round dining tables are preferred in dining rooms.Fireplace, accessories made of clay, lights on wrought iron, brick walls are the main elements.Natural stones, briquettes or aged wood are used on the floor.Almost every shade of the color wheel have a place on the walls.Vivid or soft shades of yellow, red, rust, grass green, cobalt and ocean blue are frequently used in this decoration style.

Vintage Style

The vintage decoration style is formed by the combination of decoration items that are from 40-50 years ago with those of today.This style, bringing a feeling of nostalgia, decorates our homes by blending modern furniture with elements such as silk tablecloths, lampshades or consoles inherited from our grandmothers and mothers.Pink, blue, green, white and earth tones are the main color groups of vintage style.Bringing together the old and the new, this style includes simple, plain and natural details.Floral tablecloths in pastel tones, simple white picture frames, lace tulle curtains create the vintage mood.

Mediterranean Style

It is inspired by the traditional architecture of the Mediterranean coast.The living spaces, decorated in Mediterranean style, have a modern and comfortable look, and they bear the traces of traditional architecture.They get plenty of sunlight.It includes the yellow shades of the sun, tile colors, woods, black wrought irons and carvings.Heavy and curved furniture is common.Textured walls stand out.Clay pots, handmade ceramics and flower pots are used as accessories.

Ethnic Style

Items inspired by the Turkish, Moroccan, Indian, Native American or Mexican cultures form the basis of ethnic decoration style.Decoration elements that are mostly handcrafted and not industrially produced are indispensable for the ethnic way.Hand-woven carpets, wild life designs symbolizing Africa, and Asian figurines are used extensively.When we look at the color palette, it’s such a blast!Ethnic style is indispensable for those who want to get rid of urban life and feel the taste of natural life.It adds a warm and friendly comfort to our lives.

Romantic Style

Romantic style is what you have when you combine floral patterns, mirrors, candles, stylish furniture, pastel colors and lace embroidery.Light blue, beige, gray, pink and cream colors form the color palette of the romantic style.Since it is rather preferred by women, it has an elegant and feminine point of view.New and old furniture can be used together.A peaceful living space can be created by combining carved white furniture with flowers and white tulle.It can be used in only one room or a corner of the house rather than throughout the house. 

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